Call for Nominations

The ISSS Board of Directors announces the opening of the PRESIDENT position on the executive board (see description below). Individuals who have completed a professional degree, and who are active, voting members of the organization in good standing are eligible to run for this position. The term for President will officially begin at the close of the business meeting held at the 2019 ISSS Conference.

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You may nominate yourself or someone else (please make sure they wish to be nominated). Nominations are due on December 21st, 2018.

Description of Responsibilities:

President (2-year term, plus 1 year as Past President): The president is responsible for scheduling and presiding over ISSS meetings with an agenda. The president is responsible for all matters related to the welfare, stature, and proper operation of ISSS and will perform duties as needed to ensure the proper functioning and advancement of the society. The president will also assist with maintaining the leadership structure of ISSS (e.g., making nominations for vacant positions during a term), overseeing committees, as well as assist the conference committee with ISSS conference planning. The President shall perform such other duties as are necessarily incident to the office of President or as may be prescribed by the Board. Individuals who have completed a professional degree and who are active, voting members of the organization and are in good standing are eligible to run for this position.

Member Feedback

The ISSS Outreach Committee would like your feedback!

The 2018 version of the proposed NSSI Media Guidelines is available below.
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